Secondary CLIL @ISP Cambridge

I have attended the Workshop on Content and Language Integrated Learning (C.L.I.L.) Methodology conducted by expert C.L.I.L. teacher Dr Diana Hicks in Cambridge.IMG_7497

The workshops included:

  • brainstorming of concerns, issues and questions
  • principles of C.L.I.L./ ‘bilingual’ methodology
  • roles of language and curriculum content in C.L.I.L./ ‘bilingual’ pedagogy
  • sources, examples and potential uses of additional curriculum materials in English
  • introduction to practical examples of bilingual tasks from one curriculum theme (eg. History or Geography):
  • comparison with monolingual tasks and task types
  • reading strategies for bilingual learners
  • thinking skills
  • working in two languages: code switching.

In this part you’ll find the complete CLIL in a nutshell I have elaborated and the different sections where I have gone into details on the several topics of her training course

Introduction to CLIL – what CLIL is and what it is not, 4 Cs, BICS and CALP, CLIL lesson structure

Language across the curriculum – the role of language in CLIL

CLIL Resources – multimedia and visual organizer

Shared Reading and Communication skills – what functions learners need, how to develop meaningful communication skills, example of interactive reading experience

Cognitive Skills across the curriculum – thinking skills and relevant activities, LOTS and HOTS, examples of exercises to practise cognitive skills (Jigsaw)

Learning Skills Across The Curriculum – examples of learning skills and how they are exploited in CLIL activities, example of a lesson on EU

Planning A Clil Lesson – the focus on learning outcomes, sample planning model

The genre-based approach – why use the genre-based approach to integrating content and language in CLIL, how use this approach

CLIL Material and Activities – selection and adaptation

Scaffolding – what scaffolding is, examples of activities including drama, roleplay, dictation, consolidate and differentiate learning

Prof.ssa Elena Garuti, Liceo Statale Rinaldo Corso, Correggio (RE) Italy

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